Access the premier refrigerated freight pooling network.

FreshX provides reliable, cost-efficient, and connected LTL shipping logistics for frozen and fresh products.

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Temperature and cost, under control.


Full-service trucking, guaranteed available capacity, and industry leading on-time delivery rates through our Refrigerated Carrier Network (RCN).

Cost Efficient

With our AI-powered freight pooling technology, shippers pay less and carriers earn more.


GPS tracking and temperature monitoring. Warehouse and 3PL integration for smart dock appointment scheduling.

Proudly backed and accelerated by:
Freshx For Shippers

Pay less by sharing refrigerated truck space.

Whether you're shipping 2 pallets or 20, FreshX leverages cutting edge freight pooling technology and a carefully vetted carrier network to move your product efficiently and on-time.

Instant pricing and booking
Dynamic quotes instantly generated by our AI-powered digital booking platform.
Intelligent freight matching
Our platform pools shippers with temperature requirements and routes that match yours.
Tracking and traceability
GPS tracking and temperature monitoring for your shipments, ensuring your products are staying fresh.
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FRESHX For Carriers

Earn more on each job as a member of our network.

Start earning more on each job with less hassle by joining our Refrigerated Carrier Network (RCN). It’s free to join, and we’ll automatically process payments within 24 hours of job completion.

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Freshx For Warehouses

Save by reducing dock appointments.

FreshX partners with cold-storage warehouses and 3PLs to consolidate shipments, reducing costs for shippers and reducing unnecessary dock appointments for warehouses.

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